Who creates your jewelry?

My name is Marta and I was born in a very artistic family. I grew up in the village with my parents and sisters. I have been blessed to live in a place I like to call a pearl of natural beauty. Here I have developed as a person and found deep and indelible connection with nature and also my spiritual self. Spirituality is an important aspect in my life and I have devoted most of my adult life till now to spiritual practice and natural healing, of myself and others as a Reiki practitioner and seeker of spiritual Truth. Surrounded by this wonderful nature I am always inspired in many ways to create and express my artistic side. Since there are a lot of women in my family, I first started making jewelry as Christmas and Birthday gifts. I have always wanted to do it professionally and I implement all of myself into it: art, love for beauty, crystals and nature, healing and spiritual guidance and this inner urge to bring joy and positive energy to others.

Precious and semi precious stones come from Mother Nature and they are living carriers of natural healing energies. They also have the ability to soak up our energy and connect with us on a deeper level, making them a perfect tool for personal growth and aid in healing. We can intentionally program them to assist us in any situation, asking of them to bring us the energy we need in that specific time in our life. They are also incredibly beautiful each in its own way and it’s a pleasure to spend time with them and to work with them. By using recycled natural materials and hand polished and individually picked gemstones I try to do as little damage to Mother Earth as possible. I also mostly create handmade packages by recycling old boxes, or using boxes made from recycled paper. My goal is to create sturdy and long lasting pieces that can be passed on as a family heirloom and bring happiness to you and your family for years to come.

If you live in the city and spend most of your time working and struggling to survive, and often feel very disconnected from nature and from yourselves, just because you can’t seem to find the time to care for yourself or to just be in nature, which we are a part of and where we naturally belong and draw our energy from, this is my way of offering you a chance to reconnect and always carry with you a piece of Mother Nature to help you in your daily life, through my handcrafted unique nature inspired artisan jewelry. Check out the Jewelry gallery for my previous jewelry designs.
My other favorite medium for sharing Mother Nature’s beauty and healing energy is photography, so I hope you’ll enjoy some of my favorite shots in the Nature gallery.

Even though I create pieces as inspired in the moment, I most enjoy custom work, by connecting with you through your energy and creating a unique piece that serves as a personal talisman infused with the healing energy of Nature. You can contact me through the contact form on this website, Facebook chat or Instagram, or use the Web shop cart to order any of my pieces, if you feel drawn to them. There are also some made to order pieces listed in the Web shop, but for any questions feel free to contact me. May they serve you well and bring you lots of joy.